Posted by: el1en | October 20, 2009

EU Parliament Loves to Entertain Us

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EU Parliament Loves to Entertain Us

For the first time the EU Parliament will hold a ‘Question Hour’ with Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

When I heard the EU Parliament was going to introduce a new “Question Hour” this afternoon, I asked my fellow colleagues at the Reality Check meeting if people were submitting their questions per youtube and my fellow colleagues looked at me with kind, resigned affection, the way an adult looks at a kid trying desperately to tie his shoelace.


“Question Hour” is not about the public asking Commission President José Manuel Barroso to fill us in on EU matters, it’s about the Members of EU Parliament getting a little Q&A action with the EU Big Guy.
This reminded me of the brilliant UK House of Commons sessions I’ve watched in the past and I immediately thought, yeah, maybe this will spice things up in the otherwise deadly boring EU Parliament sessions. Turns out, that’s exactly the idea behind the Question Hour.
In an effort to stimulate EU voters into giving a royal hoot, the EU Parliament wants to entertain us! Cool. Did you know there is a
TV channel dedicated solely to the going-on’s at the EU Parliament?

Nigel Farage EU MEP

I didn’t either but with MEP’s such as Nigel Farage set to ask questions this afternoon, it may be worth watching.

Check out my interview, on the upcoming new EU Parliament Question Hour, with Mr. Farage:

Download (3,35 MB)

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