Using Posterous for a year now and neither WordPress nor Tumblr could offer these simple and clear way I love in some blogs. I don’t need special themes, gimmicks and forget all those other little timerobbers.

So all my posts are from (and edited on) my Posterous account http://el1en.posterous.com and shared on Tumblr and WordPress.


During the last months I kept stumbling and stumbling and stumbling upon funny, exciting, shocking, … things on the www that somehow forced me into this blog. It might be interesting, and it makes me curious to see, how a certain fondness for something, let it be music, blogs, websites, etc. began and how it’s eventually fading away over the following weeks or months.

Let’s see how long I keep doing this before getting tired of it. ó.Ò

Oh – I almost forgot to mention that English is not my mother-tongue. There is also no special reason for me to write in Englisch, but I love this language. I really do.



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