Posted by: el1en | September 7, 2010

Today at the Naschmarkt in Vienna (Austria). Bought antipasti and Falafel for a week and nothing of this nice looking stuff – basically because I couldn’t carry anymore.

So today was my brother’s day off and we did some shopping. Or let’s say – he wanted to go shopping and I wanted just some time with him because we haven’t seen us much lately.

3 h later I was quite some Euro poorer and he not. What happened?

Some trousers, a shirt, TWO time-planers 2011, antipasti and other delicious food happened. Me and the Naschmarkt is a great combination, because I always spend too much money there BUT I’m happy afterwards, so let’s tag it as a #win.

What did he get? Falafel, Humus, Dashi and something I can’t remember.

And as a sidenote – I love my N900. Wouldn’t update my Posterous this way wouldn’t writing emails be such fun with it. (And another #win.)


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