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“Guy Walks Across America” in Viral YouTube Video

A video of a man trekking from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge was this weekend’s viral sensation on YouTube, racking up half-a-million views since its debut on Tuesday.

The video is popular not just because it’s a trek past American landmarks both major and minor, but because of a unique visual effect created by a combination of stop-motion and time-lapse video. The finished project consists of 2,770 still frames shot over 14 days. The filmmakers actually traveled cross-country in an RV, “living on the Gatorade diet” and stopping at scenic places along the way to do their shoots.

We can’t help but think of the previous YouTube (YouTube) hit “Where the Hell is Matt?” That one showed a young guy who danced at locations all over the world — a project that earned him a sponsorship from Visa.

The team made a Google Map with photos pinned at points of interest, and another YouTube video that described their experiences traveling across the country and explains how they achieved the visual effects in the video. You can view those things and the original video below.

Guy Walks Across America

Behind the Scenes

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