Posted by: el1en | July 15, 2010

Most Unwanted Scrobbles on – Guess who’s the no. 1. :D

Most Unwanted Scrobbles

These tracks were most frequently deleted by the community from their scrobbles in June 2010.

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 Lady GagaBad Romance
pop, dance, lady gaga, dance all night, addictive, female vocalists, bad romance, party

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 Lady GagaPoker Face
dance, pop, lady gaga, electronic, party, female vocalists, poker face, sexy, electropop, catchy

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 Lady GagaPaparazzi
pop, lady gaga, dance, female vocalists, paparazzi, gossip girl, electronic, sexy, electropop

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 Lady GagaAlejandro
pop, lady gaga, dance, electronic, female vocalists, electropop, 955 wkqi, sexy, addictive

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 Ke$haTiK ToK
dance, pop, party, electropop, tik tok, kesha, female vocalists, electronic, sexy, 2009

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 Lady GagaLoveGame
dance, pop, lady gaga, electropop, sexy, female vocalists, electronic, club, party, love game

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 Lady GagaJust Dance
dance, pop, lady gaga, electronic, female vocalists, just dance, party, catchy, electropop, 2008

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 Lady GagaTelephone (feat. Beyoncé)
pop, dance, lady gaga, female vocalists, electropop, electronic, beyonce, party

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 Britney SpearsWomanizer
pop, britney spears, dance, female vocalists, circus, womanizer, sexy, catchy, britney, 2008


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 Lady GagaMonster
dance, pop, electronic, love at first listen, monster, lady gaga, addictive, female vocalists


The projects we showcase here are still early prototypes. They might not always work, the results might not always make sense, and we might remove them without prior notice. The data used in the projects is only updated infrequently.


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