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Ning: About: Product

Creating a Ning Network is fast and easy.

We have pushed the boundaries in terms of the flexibility, Network Creator control, and creative expression in the context of organizing around a specific topic. With two years of experience and 4,000+ new Ning Networks created every day, we have a phenomenal foundation for innovating and expanding on how people express themselves, develop new relationships, and enrich their lives around their interests and passions.

Ning offers more than 50 different themes as well as the option to completely control the CSS of a Ning Network. As a Ning Network Creator, you have a wide choice of features – videos, photos, chat, music, groups, events, and blogs – in addition to latest activity feature, member profile pages, friends, messaging, email notifications, RSS support, and third-party applications a member or Network Creator can add to their Ning Network. As a result of this broad set of choices, each social network on Ning is unique and special in its purpose, design, branding and features.

Ning enables individuals, artists, brands and organizations to simplify and control their own unique social network that beautifully integrates with other social media services while providing the most direct, unique and lucrative relationship with fans, consumers and members.

  • For members of Ning Networks people can connect with new people around their interests and passions.
  • For Network Creators, Ning empowers people to easily create, customize and grow a Ning Network around a unique interest or passion in minutes, and for free.

Here are a few of the key features of your own social network on Ning:

Branding & Visual Design Freedom

Your Ning Network enables the most flexibility and visual freedom in the industry. Choose from one of 50 distinct and unique themes or create your own design with custom CSS. Add tabs and sub-tabs to specific pages and external links via the Tab Manager feature.

Unique Member Profiles

Define your own profile questions for incoming members. Enable members to customize their profile pages with their own design, choice of widgets and OpenSocial profile applications. Customize advanced member search based on your social network’s unique profile questions, including location.

Moderation & Privacy

Choose to make your Ning Network public or private for members only. Moderate members before they join. Moderate photos, videos, groups, chat and events before they’re posted. Set up multiple layers of administrators. Ban members from your Ning Network. Enable members to close their profiles to others.

Invitations & Search Engine Optimization

Every Ning Network comes with a rich invitation engine for you and members to invite new members. Full Web address book and .csv file importing. Full search engine optimization beginning with your social network’s information: tagline, description and keywords.

Latest Activity

A real-time, dynamic activity feed of everything happening across your Ning Network including status updates from members. Put it on the Main page or make it persistent on every page by adding it to the right hand column on your social network. Choose the activities that are displayed.

Custom Text & Widgets

Add a text box to your Main page, then copy and paste in your choice of widgets from the thousands available on the Web today. For something more simple, use the text box for your weekly column, special promotions or your own unique images and graphics.

RSS Feeds In and RSS Out

Pull in one or more RSS feeds from your blog, Web site or news source for an ongoing stream of information into your Ning Network. All features for public Ning Networks are also available automatically via RSS.

Photos Feature & Branded Photo Slideshows

Enable your members to upload and share photos. Automatically present your members with the option to embed your Ning Network’s branded photo slideshows anywhere on the Web and link back to your Ning Network.

Video Feature & Branded Video Players

Enable your members to upload and share videos. Automatically present your members with the option to embed your Ning Network’s branded video players anywhere on the Web and link back to your Ning Network.


Enable your members to see who’s online and chat in real-time with the persistent chat feature across the bottom of your Ning Network or pop it out into its own window.


Enable groups on your Ning Network with images, membership, comments and a discussion forum.

Discussion Forum

Add a rich single or multi-threaded discussion forum with categories, photos and attachments to your Ning Network. Limit forum topic creation to you or open it up to all of your members.

Blogs for Every Member

Enable blogging for every member of your Ning Network. Display everyone’s blog posts as a tab or just feature specific blog posts on your Ning Network’s Main page via our unique Feature displays.


Organize events and keep track of who’s attending. Limit event creation to you or open it up to all of your members.

Ning Apps

Further customize the experience on your social network with additional features.

Ning Member Services

Recommended Social Networks

From, Ning gives members of Ning Networks an easy way to discover new Ning social networks based on momentum, relevancy and popularity. To Network Creators, the Ning recommendation engine represents an additional source of prospective members just by using Ning.

Social Network Activity Feed

Ning enables members of Ning Networks to dynamically keep up-to-date with activity across all of their Ning social networks in a single place. To Network Creators, the Ning activity feed represents a powerful way to drive recurring usage by members across Ning Networks.

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