Posted by: el1en | September 13, 2009 d-touch drum machine

The d-touch drum machine is freely available for download (Registration needed)! Please try it out and spread the word!

The d-touch drum machine is a drum machine with a tangible user interface: it is controlled by placing and arranging physical objects on an A4 (or similar) piece of paper, which we call the interactive area. The interactive area is arranged in 11 rows, each row corresponds to a different sound, as indicated by the text labels. The horizontal position of the blocks on the interactive area determines the timing of the sound trigger within the loop.

The d-touch drum machine is easier to show than it is to explain:

The d-touch drum machine is much more fun to use than to watch!
Download (registration needed) and build your own d-touch drum machine! Have fun and at the same time help us with our research!

Do you like the d-touch drum machine?
Show us how you use it! Upload videos of the d-touch drum machine on our you-tube group. Share photos on flickr and tag them d-touch drum machine. Email us, blog or twit about your experience with the d-touch drum machine. Spread it by telling your friends about it.

The drum machine is in constant update. We are working on releasing versions with new features, and also the full d-touch sequencer. Follow us on Twitter to be updated! Are you curious and brave enough to try a pre-release? Contact us via the forum or twitter!

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