Posted by: el1en | September 5, 2009

OMG L@@K OUT! – Top 10 Public-Service Announcements – TIME

Warning: Contains graphic material

When the Gwent Police Department in Wales decided to revamp its road-safety film on joyriding, the Welsh agency chose to channel Quentin Tarantino in its depiction of a highway crash involving teens and texting. The grisly formula worked; the video, which cost about $20,000 to produce, has already been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube. If the video is too graphic for you (warning: it’s very graphic), don’t blame the director. “Young people were telling us, ‘It needs to be more shocking, it needs to be more violent,'” Peter Watkins-Hughes told the New York Times. Darn kids.

Distracted Driving: Should Talking, Texting Be Banned?

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Great video.  Never going only to peek on my cellphone or mp3-player ever again while driving.


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